The Kandahar Giant, the incredible conspiracy of Agfanistan

The Kandahar Giant; This is one of the strangest stories to occur in the long US military intervention in Afghanistan – a group of US special forces fought and killed a giant over four metres tall near a cave in Afghanistan. Several witnesses claim that the battle not only took the life of a US soldier, but that the government took the huge corpse of the attacker and brought it back to the United States.



Kandahar is a city in Afghanistan, the capital of Kandahar Province. The province has 886,000 inhabitants in 2002, of whom about 316,000 live in the capital in 2002. It is the second largest city in Afghanistan and the main centre of trade, especially for agricultural products. It has an international airport and an extensive road network. It is also connected by road to Quetta in Pakistan. Peshawar and Kandahar are the main cities of the Pashtun people.

Afghanistan War (2001-2014)

The Afghan War is a war that initially pitted the Taliban-ruled Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan against its insurgency on the one side and an international coalition led by the United States for control of Afghan territory on the other. It began on 7 October 2001 with the US Army’s “Operation Enduring Freedom” and British troops’ “Operation Herrick”, launched to invade and occupy the Asian country. The invasion was launched in response to the 11 September 2001 attacks in the United States, for which the US blamed Osama bin Laden. In launching the invasion, the US invoked a peculiar interpretation of Article 51 of the UN Charter on the right to self-defence.

The Nephilim

The Nephilim or Nephilim (in Hebrew “Nephilim”, plural, which comes from nafal: “to fall”, hence “the fallen” or “those who cause to fall”) are beings mentioned several times in the Bible. According to Genesis they would be the descendants of the “sons of God” (angels or more likely believers) and the “daughters of men” (unbelievers) who lived before the flood (Genesis 6:4). The same name is used to refer to giants who inhabited Canaan at the time of the Israelite conquest (13:33Numbers). The Septuagint translates this expression as γίγαντες (giants) and the Vulgate as “giants”.

There is an alternative explanation. The believers, those who believed in the hope of God’s promise (Genesis 3:15 “…. He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel”) married unbelieving women and their offspring eventually abandoned faith in the promise. That is why in the next verse (Genesis 6:5) it says “And the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth.” On the other hand the term nephilim means “the descended ones”, or “those who bring down”, which is consistent with those who rejected the Judeo-Christian god.

The history of the Giant

According to one of the interviews conducted by researcher L. A. Marzulli, a special forces team operating in Afghanistan in 2002 encountered one of the creatures while on patrol in search of a missing unit in an isolated part of the country. The soldier tells Marzulli that his unit made its way along a goat path near a cave where the team noticed an unusual pattern of rocks, bones, and an ominous broken piece of communications equipment of the type used by the US military.

While thinking about this, the team was surprised by a man “at least 4 to 6 metres tall”. The creature had long, red hair and skewered an operator, identified as “Dan”, with a pike-type weapon. The rest of the team opened fire, repeatedly shooting the creature in the face and ultimately killing it. The total time of the fight was only 30 seconds.

After the fight, as they mourned the fall of their comrade, the army sent a helicopter to move the creature.

“It was too big that I couldn’t move it,” the soldier said. “That smelled like it was a corpse that had been decomposing for a while. Communication was sent out that we had a very large creature, possibly human.”

But the soldiers were then told to “rewrite” their after-action reports.

“So we had to rewrite it the way they wanted it,” the man claimed.

The soldier confirmed that the giant was armed with a weapon similar to the type Marzulli identified as the “Nephilim spear,” which was found at another location and linked to other evidence of the creature’s existence.

The Nephilim Spear

Other sources support this strange story. George Noory, host of the popular “Coast to Coast” radio show, interviewed a C-130 pilot who claimed to have transported the corpse of the giant to a base in Ohio, USA.

The pilot who transported the giant shared his description of it on the transport pallet after it was killed. It had six fingers and toes, with feet 60-80 centimetres in size, but it was difficult to determine its height because it was in a foetal position. He suggested that the cargo was the corpse of a 4-metre man – whose weight was over 700 kilograms, he had six fingers and toes.

Another operator who spoke to Marzulli said those in power have a vested interest in keeping the story under wraps.

“If it points to the Bible narrative being accurate, they won’t want that,” he said. “If it goes against Darwinian evolution, that’s not talked about.”

This soldier testified that there were rumours at his base in Afghanistan about intervention with what is known as the Kandahar juggernaut.

“We started hearing a rumour about a unit that they killed what they called a very tall person,” he told Marzulli. “At first I didn’t think anything of it. Come to find out the person they killed was actually three times the size of a man, had extra digits on his hands and feet, and had red hair. A special unit had arrived and wanted this target. We had heard that they had killed this inside a cave or at the mouth of a cave”.

The soldier claimed that the rumour was actually widely circulated among military forces in Afghanistan.

“It was not common knowledge among the military to hear this,” he said. “Years later I came to know when I had returned from Afghanistan and had met other military members who had not been on operations with me. If you mention the giant of Kandahar they would know about it.”

He confessed that the story sounds ridiculous.

“First you think this has to be a joke, this has to be a hoax,” he admitted. “Then, after things go down a certain way, and you keep listening, you start to realise it’s not a hoax. They were telling us to keep our guns up, which means normally you’re ready to put two on your chest or on your head, but they were telling us to put it on a man’s head and put it up high. So we asked ourselves why do they want us to shoot higher than a man’s head?”

The soldier also said local people told seemingly ridiculous stories about giants attacking humans – even eating them.

“We could hear locals talking about rumours of these giants,” he said. “They said they lived in caves and ate people. They were cannibals. At the time, they compared it to the stories of Bigfoot in the United States, every culture has this kind of folklore. To really suddenly hear that a military unit had killed something…”

The soldier was thoughtful.

Marzulli criticised what he called a government effort to whitewash the spectacular story and prevent those involved from speaking out.

“People have a right to know about these things,” he said. “If there are 5- or 6-metre beings roaming the Earth and our military has brought them down, we have a right as American citizens to know about it. I mean, this is not classified for military material. This is something we need to know about. And it points back to the biblical prophetic narrative.


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