The Black Nobility, masters of the world

As a culmination of the Italian unification, the troops of King Victor Emmanuel II of Savoy entered Rome in September 1870, seizing the Quirinal Palace, then the papal residence, forcing the Roman Curia to withdraw to the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican. The Papal States were thus put to a de facto end. After the celebration of a plebiscite, the population of Rome and Lazio accepted their annexation to the newly created Kingdom of Italy.

Historical branch in Italy

Pope Pius IX opposed this annexation. As a sign of non-recognition of the legitimacy of the Italian State, he locked himself inside the Vatican Palace and declared himself a prisoner in the Vatican. To show their solidarity with the sovereign pontiff, a part of the Roman aristocracy also rejected any alliance with the newly created Kingdom of Italy. These families closed the doors of their homes as a sign of mourning, just as in 1875, during the Jubilee of the Holy Year, Pius IX kept the doors of the four Roman basilicas closed as a symbol of protest.

After 1870, most of these families, already known as “black nobility”, held honorary and hereditary offices of the Holy See. In fact, their titles and privileges came from the Holy See, which used to appoint them private chamberlains or gentlemen of the Palatine Guard.

The voluntary seclusion of the popes within the Vatican walls lasted 59 years, as well as the closing of the gates of these palaces. This status quo lasted from 1870 to 1929, the date of the Lateran Pacts, which created the Vatican City State.

The Aryan Khazars of the Caucasus Mountains where their ancestors underwent a mass conversion to Judaism in the 8th century.

After the signing of the Lateran Agreements, the families of the black nobility obtained dual citizenship: becoming citizens of the Vatican City State and subjects of the Kingdom of Italy. As a testimony of gratitude for the loyalty shown, Pope Pius XI granted the black nobility the authorization to join the Noble Guard, which until then was reserved to the offspring of families originating from the former Papal States (in 1931, Pius XI refused to accede to the request of the King of Spain Alfonso XIII, who would have liked to see the Noble Guard opened to the different families of the European Catholic aristocracy).

Among the families of the black nobility, there is the Massimo family as well as that of Eugenio Pacelli, the future Pius XII.

Among the “white” nobility were the Boncompagni Ludovisi, Ottoboni, Caetani, Cesarini Sforza, Doria Pamphilj, Ruspoli, Sciarra, Schiaratura, Lovatelli, rami degli Odescalchi e dei Pallavicini. On September 14, 1970, Pope Paul VI wrote to Cardinal Jean-Marie Villot, Secretary of State of the Holy See, an official letter abolishing the bulk of the Vatican’s armed forces, with the exception of the Swiss Guard. Since then, the disappearance of the last bastion of the black nobility meant the end of its former privileges, Vatican City license plates, special legal status and honorary titles. In May 1977, a part of the black nobility, led by Princess Elvina Pallavicini, joined the traditionalist bishop Marcel Lefebvre.

Black Nobility, Banking and Conspiracies

Venice was for centuries a centre of the Babylonian lineages that expanded into the Far East with the voyages of the Venetian, Marco Polo, of whom there is more to know than official History suggests. The surviving royal families in Europe are members of an ancient lineage of this Black Nobility, including the House of Windsor in Britain. This is why these royal houses, including the Windsors, are riddled with Satanism and fundamentally linked to Freemasonry and other Elite secret societies.

Many of today’s most famous financial and business families are members of the Black Nobility lines. The Warburg banking dynasty is in fact from the family of Abraham de Banco, the largest banking family in Venice when the city was at the height of its powers and influence. The Agnelli family, famous for the automobile giant Fiat, is another such lineage of the Black Nobility.

This is why the Agnellis control Italy and give orders to their governments. Another of Venice’s most powerful Black Nobility families were the de Medicis and it was they who largely sponsored (beyond Queen Isabella’s mythical jewels) Christopher Columbus’ voyage to “discover” the American Continent.

The influence of the Black Nobility spread northwards to Germany and it is from this stream that the British royal family, the House of Windsor, originated. Until they changed their name in 1917, they were called the House of Saxe – Coburg – Gotha, a German royal line going back to the Black Nobility of Venice – Lombardy and beyond that to Babylon. The Black Nobility made their centre for a time in Amsterdam. Again many of them claimed to be Jews, but they were not, they were Aryan lineages who had travelled there by various routes. Some originated from the Phoenician-Venetians and some were Aryan Khazars from the Caucasus Mountains where their ancestors had a mass conversion to Judaism in the 8th century.

What we call Judaism is just another offshoot of the Sun religion of the Aryans, as is Christianity. The leadership in Amsterdam were the successors to the black magicians of Babylon. It was while the Black Nobility were based in Amsterdam that Dutch people were used to start the white settlement of South Africa.

In 1689, one of this Black Nobility, named William of Orange, was manipulated onto the throne of England and at this time the Aryan leadership in Amsterdam moved to London to connect with the other lineages that had settled in London and Britain thousands of years before. London became even more the epicentre of their increasingly global operations.

So what has happened throughout Africa, South America, Asia and the United States and Canada, is that the overt control of Britain and Europe has been replaced by covert control. When these overt empires, particularly the British, have seemed to contract on the surface, they have left in these countries the network of secret societies, lineages and structures to rule as powerfully as before, but now without danger of a challenge from clueless people as to who is really in control. The world structure is very simple.

The central Programme is coordinated from the City of London, comprising the financial centre known as the “Square Mile”, and the region along the River Thames running down to the headquarters of the British legal profession, the Houses of Parliament, the centres of government and British Intelligence, and through to Buckingham Palace, to the home of the lineage known as the Windsors. The British government is simply a front for the Royal Programme which is operated from these few miles of prime real estate in the City of London and the City of Westminster.

Paris is another key centre for the Babylonian Brotherhood and so is the Vatican. Look at the structures of government known laughably as “democracy”, the structure of law, economics, the media and all the institutions you find in most countries today. Where did the original blueprints for these structures come from? London, exactly.

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