Ascension, the Science Fiction Series that could have been and wasn’t…


Ascension is an American-Canadian science fiction television miniseries on the SyFy network. The series depicts the murder of a girl on a generational spacecraft on a 100-year mission to reach a habitable world as the last hope to save humanity after a ruthless Cold War.
Can you imagine what piece of plot? A reduced population, from the sixties, embarked on a generational spaceship. Bottled in time and without contact with the rest of humanity since then. The American society of the sixties crystallized in a bottle, wandering adrift through the black and dark infinite space… oh, no….

In 1963, American President John F. Kennedy authorizes the launch of a special ship, Ascension, to ensure that humanity survives in the event of a nuclear war. Fifty-one years later, the ship reached the point of no return on its 102-year journey to the Proximity Star of Centauri.

The first murder on board unleashes a chain reaction that causes doubt in some of the travelers, whether or not they should continue the journey or return to Earth …, but what happens when a girl born on the ship begins to suspect that everything they have been told is not true and that perhaps they never got to be in space?

Big doses of sex, dark plots, almost black novels, ghosts, espionage and conspiracy theory.
The Syfy network announced on March 13, 2014, that it had commissioned a six-part miniseries. The series began filming on July 7 in Montreal, Canada. It premiered in the United States between 15 and 17 December, with two chapters per night for consecutive days, but despite the great work and the great story to be developed, the series was canceled and never filmed the second season, leaving unfortunately too many fringes open. Even so, don’t hesitate to watch it, because it will surprise you for sure.

Many fans are looking for the answers to these questions. Everyone who saw the first season of this new science fiction series on the SyFy channel expected to see new episodes next year. There have been no official statements from the SyFy channel about the renewal of Ascension for season 2, but the executive producer of the series Ted Azari had previously said that the series could easily count into another season, although this, it seems, finally never happened.